New CTEK web site

We are building a new global website for CTEK. It will be a completely new and improved website with a modern design with a responsive interface that works on all mobile devices.

The first version will be launched in December, and new features will be released in early 2017.

The CTEK solution in Jay Leno’s garage!

It is great to see that we are once again helping Jay Leno, and the guys in his garage with their battery charging needs – this time to keep the battery of this awesome Mercedes race car transporter in good condition. They’ve mounted a CTEK accessory to monitor and show battery state of charge that also enables hassle free charging, without the need to pop the bonnet. Here’s how it works….

Mercedes race car transporter project

Jay_Leno_Transporter_3The guys have mounted The CTEK Comfort Indicator Panel to the outside of the vehicle, that is hard wired to the battery. This neat little accessory shows battery state of charge and makes sure that the garage know when to charge, maximising battery health and protecting against a flat battery. It uses a simple traffic light system.

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CTEK wins ‘Export Company of the Year’ award at Stjärngalan 2016

TheExportCompanyOfTheYear_DalarnaToday we are celebrating after taking home the Export Company of the Year award at Stjärngalan 2016, Dalarna’s annual regional business awards This prestigious event took place at hotel Galaxen in Borlänge in front of over 500 people.

Judges congratulated CTEK on a year of strong growth and increased profits that was attributed to our constant focus on quality and customer service. CTEK beat off stiff competition from Autoform and Dellner to claim the award.

Darlana is a vibrant area and a great place to be based, alongside so many other successful companies, and we are therefore absolutely delighted to win this highly prestigious accolade. The award is testament to the hard work and dedication of everybody here at CTEK!

Part of the winning team

CTEK is a proud sponsor of the PWR Racing Team – 2015 was a great year…


We look forward to continued sponsorship in 2016 and wish them a successful season! Here are some highlights…

CTEK wins GTÜ test

GTÜ TestsiegerWe are delighted to announce that the CTEK MXS 5.0 has once again been identified as the top performing charger in a recent independent battery comparison test undertaken by GTÜ in Germany – the test compared 8 different chargers and involved 24 different test stages and was also featured in top selling consumer automotive magazine Autobuild.

Quality of charge and charge retention, charger functionality, build quality, as well as cost formed the basis for the 24 different test stages. Each test stage involved chargers being scored points and the charger with the most points overall was awarded the coveted ‘Best in Test’ title.

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CTEK MXS 5.0 comes out on top in Vi Bilägare independent test

Vi Bilägare, TestvinnareWe are delighted to announce that the CTEK MXS 5.0 is a Test Winner in a recent independent battery comparison test. The test was undertaken by Vi Bilägare, Sweden’s biggest automotive magazine for consumers.

The Vi Bilägare test compared 6 different chargers and involved brands such as Bosch and Exide as well as the CTEK MXS 5.0

Charger functionality, quality and evaluation in operation, as well as cost formed the basis for the different test stages

Vi Bilägare commended CTEK on its clear indication of the charging process and good charge results. A built in temperature compensation and IP65 classification ultimately made the CTEK MXS 5.0 the winner.

It is clear to see that the testing involved in the Vi Bilägare independent test reflects the growing abilities of today’s chargers and so we are absolutely delighted that the CTEK MXS 5.0 battery charger has come out on top!

Remember to add battery charging to your holiday checklist

We estimate that as many as 1 in 10 of all flat batteries will be experienced by people returning from their holiday, so don’t forget to add battery charging to your list of holiday essentials such as vaccinations, travel insurance and sun tan lotion as you start planning for your summer break.

After a long journey home, queues to get through passport control, battles with heavy luggage and a cold wait for the car park bus, you could be faced with a further delay in getting home – a flat battery. Focussing purely on getting home as quickly as possible you will be left with no option but to place your car at risk of damage by choosing the only quick option – a jump start.

When a vehicle is jump-started a huge surge of voltage and current is generated that passes through the battery to energise the starter motor. This can potentially get through to the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and cause irreparable damage. The high power demands of modern vehicles and the drain from parasitic loads such tracking devices and alarms means that a battery can potentially become flat in a matter of days.

To protect against a flat battery when leaving your car standing over the holiday period we recommend an overnight charge the weekend before you go away to bring the battery up to maximum capacity.  This will extend your battery life by as much as 300% and prevent the risk of jump starting your vehicle when arriving back from your holiday.

Including a battery charge in routine maintenance on cars and can prevent unnecessary and dangerous jump starts whilst also improving efficiency of vehicles.

CTEK Equals Quality & Reliability

We mentioned a couple of weeks back that we had undertaken a survey to identify consumer awareness and attitudes to battery charging. As well as measuring these important points, our survey also focused on consumer awareness and experience of the CTEK range of Smart chargers.

78% of those surveyed owned a battery charger and in 51% of cases it was a CTEK charger.  The figure that we are really proud of however is that 92% of those surveyed associated the words quality and reliability with the CTEK brand, which we feel is testament to the unique multi-stage charging characteristics incorporated across our entire range of smart chargers.

The new generation of CTEK Smart battery chargers take a safe, simple, intelligent approach to comprehensive battery maintenance that is fast, effective, easy to use and most importantly won’t let you down.

Our chargers offer a unique multi step-approach to battery care, that are simple to use and will ensure that any lead-acid battery is optimally conditioned and charged.

Can you improve your green credentials?

Over the past few years we have seen new regulations come into force, requiring retailers selling batteries to provide collection and recycling facilities for the eventual disposal of the 800,000 tonnes of automotive batteries placed on the EU market every year.

This ruling however won’t have a great deal of impact on the environment – the automotive battery is already considered by some to be one of the most recycled products in the world.

The increased care and maintenance of automotive batteries however would dramatically reduce battery failures, in turn cutting down carbon emissions and ultimately the needless replacement of thousands of tonnes of automotive batteries every year.

It is heartening to learn that in America as an example, as many as 99% of batteries are turned in for recycling. It is also good to understand that the majority of the battery components can be reused – the lead in a 12-Volt battery can be recycled, the electrolyte repurposed and the plastic ground up and reused. Whilst this activity significantly reduces environmental impact in terms of landfill pollution there is still the requirement for the battery to be transported numerous times from initial consumer disposal, to recycling plants and subsequent distribution of the separated battery parts. Recycling 800,000 tonnes of battery isn’t quite as good for the environment as it first seems; think of the effect on our carbon footprint.

Our research indicates that whilst as many as 1 in 3 batteries are not working to full capacity, they are not defective. A regular battery charge as part of a maintenance routine could easily double a battery’s service life, significantly reducing the number of battery failures and therefore the number of batteries being produced and recycled.

Let’s not also forget the financial impact on the consumer; by regularly using a battery charger, such as the CTEK MXS 5.0, to protect and maintain batteries, motorists can keep their batteries healthy and avoid expensive replacement costs of new batteries.

Undertaking regular battery charging and conditioning can increase your green credentials, save you time and money whilst also ensuring that your vehicle starts first time, every time.