Fraud Attempts

CTEK have identified several cases of fraud attempts towards our customers and partners lately where unknown persons are acting as CTEK employees.

Please be alert and cautious if receiving e-mails that does not seem normal, contains requests for information, strange attachments or in other ways seem suspicious.

New CTEK web site

We are building a new global website for CTEK. It will be a completely new and improved website with a modern design with a responsive interface that works on all mobile devices.

The first version will be launched in December, and new features will be released in early 2017.

Can you improve your green credentials?

Over the past few years we have seen new regulations come into force, requiring retailers selling batteries to provide collection and recycling facilities for the eventual disposal of the 800,000 tonnes of automotive batteries placed on the EU market every year.

This ruling however won’t have a great deal of impact on the environment – the automotive battery is already considered by some to be one of the most recycled products in the world.

The increased care and maintenance of automotive batteries however would dramatically reduce battery failures, in turn cutting down carbon emissions and ultimately the needless replacement of thousands of tonnes of automotive batteries every year.

It is heartening to learn that in America as an example, as many as 99% of batteries are turned in for recycling. It is also good to understand that the majority of the battery components can be reused – the lead in a 12-Volt battery can be recycled, the electrolyte repurposed and the plastic ground up and reused. Whilst this activity significantly reduces environmental impact in terms of landfill pollution there is still the requirement for the battery to be transported numerous times from initial consumer disposal, to recycling plants and subsequent distribution of the separated battery parts. Recycling 800,000 tonnes of battery isn’t quite as good for the environment as it first seems; think of the effect on our carbon footprint.

Our research indicates that whilst as many as 1 in 3 batteries are not working to full capacity, they are not defective. A regular battery charge as part of a maintenance routine could easily double a battery’s service life, significantly reducing the number of battery failures and therefore the number of batteries being produced and recycled.

Let’s not also forget the financial impact on the consumer; by regularly using a battery charger, such as the CTEK MXS 5.0, to protect and maintain batteries, motorists can keep their batteries healthy and avoid expensive replacement costs of new batteries.

Undertaking regular battery charging and conditioning can increase your green credentials, save you time and money whilst also ensuring that your vehicle starts first time, every time.

CTEK now available from Halfords stores in the UK

In the UK, we have teamed up with Halfords, the UK’s leading retailer of automotive and leisure products to offer our award winning range of chargers and accessories. Using customers can order and pay on line and the charger will be delivered free to their local store for them to pick up at their convenience.

Halfords web based sales figures make for interesting reading indeed 87% of their online orders are collected in store and these figures aren’t just unique to Halfords, other retailers such as John Lewis and Next are also seeing a big increase in store collection.

Web enabled shopping within the automotive sector is growing, with customers selecting and purchasing goods outside stores, or making informed decisions about what stores to visit based on their research. It’s good to see that consumers still value the benefit of face to face information and advice that they can get from the retailer when they collect the product from the store.

So, as the weather improves and consumers think about getting cherished vehicles ready for the season, we are expecting to see lots of CTEK chargers being collected from Halfords stores!

Car owners shift to maintenance from distress

We recently undertook a survey that identified 94% of car owners associate battery care with vehicle reliability. 84% of those surveyed viewed battery charging as a preventative measure rather than a distress activity, highlighting a growing awareness of the need to regularly charge a car battery.

With modern vehicles placing their battery under greater strain than ever before through sophisticated electronics that require an ever-present electrical supply, the CTEK survey completed by 1,114 people, has identified that consumers now have a greater understanding of the importance of battery care and maintenance.

The high power demands of modern vehicles and the drain from parasitic loads such tracking devices and alarms means that a battery can now potentially become flat much quicker. It’s therefore really encouraging to see the increased awareness surrounding battery charging, which until very recently was viewed by the majority of motorists as something that you only did when your car wouldn’t start.

Regularly charging and conditioning can extend battery life by as much as 300% and prevent the risk of a flat battery – go and give your car battery some love!

Kajsa bags a bronze!

You may remember that we recently announced that we have become the main corporate sponsor of Kajsa Richardson, a young and extremely gifted skier, currently making her mark in ski orienteering. We also promised to keep you updated on Kajsa’s progress so we are delighted to confirm that Swedish national team member has just won an individual bronze medal in the European Championship – congratulations Kajsa!

You can follow Kajsa’s progress by visiting her blog

Motorcycle owners – are you on summer countdown yet?

Today’s motorcyclist knows the importance of charging the battery during the winter months to ensure that the engine starts come spring time and with the warmer weather starting it won’t be long until they take their first ride of the year.

It’s during the summer months however that major battery damage can happen, mainly due to lack of summer maintenance, knowledge of the charging process and confusion over how battery chargers work, that’s according to CTEK the a leading global brand in the care and maintenance of vehicle batteries.

And that’s because during the summer months, the battery is faced with a different set of challenges.

Sulphation: occurs when the battery is left undercharged, something that many only address during the winter. Don’t leave your battery purely in the hands of your regulator that will probably charge the battery to 80% capacity, then factor in alarms, trackers etc. and even during regular summer use there is a risk that your battery could become discharged.

Drying out: to make things slightly more complicated, don’t overcharge the battery. Modern maintenance free batteries can easily dry out and or the plates could become damaged, a common problem with batteries that are left attached to an old technology trickle type charger or are connected to a charger that is too powerful for the battery.

Overheating: delivering an uncontrolled charge risks fluid loss through overheating or boiling, the battery will become unusable due to dried-out cells – if ambient temperatures hit 25 degrees and above, batteries should be charged at a lower voltage to avoid this.

Battery chemistries: the development in different battery chemistries poses greater complexities, as each needs treating in a slightly different way. As an example AGM batteries, commonly used in motorcycles, can benefit from a slightly higher charge voltage and longer charge absorption time than that say of a traditional wet battery.

The answer is to choose a SMART or intelligent charger though with the number of products now available making the right choice can be difficult with a broad span of chargers where the charge programme is either too basic for today’s requirements, or so complex to operate that the user can become confused.

The CTEK XS 0.8 smart charger maximises the performance of lead-acid batteries and has a practical and easy to understand display, allowing the complete six-step charging process to be followed. By determining accurate readings from the battery, the XS 0.8 will ensure that an appropriate charging and conditioning cycle is delivered to maximise capacity and maintain the battery for use, thereby prolonging the life of the battery.

The patented CTEK six-step battery charging system maintains and conditions the battery and can be left attached indefinitely without risk of over, or under charging. Intended for unsupervised use, the XS 0.8 is simple to connect, spark proof and reverse-polarity protected to protect the user and also the battery. Furthermore, there is no need to disconnect the battery before use as it regulates mains voltage to protect any sensitive electrical equipment.

Good luck Kajsa!

We are proud to announce that we have become the main corporate sponsor of Kajsa Richardson, a young and extremely gifted skier, currently making her mark in ski orienteering. Currently in Sweden’s national team and a European silver medal winner, Kajsa will be supported through personal sponsorship from CTEK in her quest to win a medal at the 2012 World Championships.

We wanted to show our support for a promising young athlete and contribute to the accomplishment of her dreams. With her fantastic ski orienteering talent, her persistence and outgoing personality, Kajsa was a natural choice. We are delighted to be sponsoring such a talented young athlete and would like to wish Kajsa great success for the season.

You can follow Kajsa’s progress by visiting her blog

CTEK new Category Manager Peter White in charge

We are pleased to announce that we have appointed Peter White as International Consumer Category Manager here at CTEK.

Peter, who has been CTEK Sales & Marketing Manager in the UK & Ireland for the past five years, brings to the role many years’ experience in the automotive sector where he has held a variety of key sales, marketing and product development roles that have resulted in an impressive portfolio of skills and experience.

Peter’s new role as Category Manager will focus on building upon the solid foundations already in place for our award winning range of consumer chargers, whilst positively challenging the business to develop innovative products from new and emerging consumer markets.

Peter has the experience, energy, and judgment necessary to lead the consumer category to continued success and ensuring its’ future growth objectives are achieved.

Our visit to FORDONSVERKSTAD 2012

During January CTEK attended FORDONSVERKSTAD 2012 (CAR WORKSHOP), which was held at Kistamässan. This is an event where suppliers and buyers from the car workshop industry in the Stockholm region come to find out about new products, increase their knowledge and meet with peers. We always find that this event is a really great opportunity to talk to the end users of our products to make sure that we still understand the issues and challenges affecting the sector.

It was clear to see, talking to the many visitors to our stand, that there is an increased focus on battery management, as buyers are looking to meet the demands that complex vehicle technology and battery chemistries are placing on workshops, in particular the increased requirement for battery support during flash programming, to protect against damage to ECU’s and disruption to the diagnostic process. There was also a great appetite for a charger with the ability to deliver a charge powerful enough to fully power AGM batteries.

This provided us with the perfect opportunity to showcase the CTEK MXTS 70, a powerful 12V & 24V, 50A battery charger that can support the battery during ECU procedures by supplying up to 70A of clean and constant charge, whilst also providing optimum charging in the shortest possible time, and selectable modes for specific battery types (Wet/flooded, Calcium, Gel, and AGM) to ensure that a safe, fast charge is delivered to exactly meet the needs of the individual battery chemistry.

The charger was really well received by visitors to the stand and we look forward to FORDONSVERKSTAD 2013.