The CTEK solution in Jay Leno’s garage!

It is great to see that we are once again helping Jay Leno, and the guys in his garage with their battery charging needs – this time to keep the battery of this awesome Mercedes race car transporter in good condition. They’ve mounted a CTEK accessory to monitor and show battery state of charge that also enables hassle free charging, without the need to pop the bonnet. Here’s how it works….

Mercedes race car transporter project

Jay_Leno_Transporter_3The guys have mounted The CTEK Comfort Indicator Panel to the outside of the vehicle, that is hard wired to the battery. This neat little accessory shows battery state of charge and makes sure that the garage know when to charge, maximising battery health and protecting against a flat battery. It uses a simple traffic light system.

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CTEK wins GTÜ test

GTÜ TestsiegerWe are delighted to announce that the CTEK MXS 5.0 has once again been identified as the top performing charger in a recent independent battery comparison test undertaken by GTÜ in Germany – the test compared 8 different chargers and involved 24 different test stages and was also featured in top selling consumer automotive magazine Autobuild.

Quality of charge and charge retention, charger functionality, build quality, as well as cost formed the basis for the 24 different test stages. Each test stage involved chargers being scored points and the charger with the most points overall was awarded the coveted ‘Best in Test’ title.

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CTEK is proud to be “Best in Test” in German motorcycle magazine

It’s time for CTEK’s R&A people to celebrate again. CTEK’s 4A charger, the MXS 4003 model proved to be the “best in test” conducted by Germany’s leading motorcycle magazine Motorrad.

The magazine tested a total of 8 chargers between 0,4A to 4A. CTEK’s smallest charger, the 0,8A model, came one point after the winning MXS 4003, another reason to be pleased.